Standard Chartered Bank 2016 Graduate Programmes

Standard Chartered Bank


This forum thread is for people applying for graduate roles at Standard Chartered Bank (any country) to ask questions about this company, job applications and the interview and assessment process at SCB.


I’ve got one as well!! Have you ever done one before?


Ive got one as well!!! Have you ever done one before?


did you have your interview guys? can you share the questions that u have been asked?


what was the previous stages?


same here any ideas guys


hi guys just finished mine so basically you have 90 secs to answer 9 questions here are they
what motivates you to work with others
how will you feel if given a task to by your boss
have you ever recorded a major set back
how do you achieve customer satisfaction
how do you feel when others ask you for advise
last time you adapted you interpersonal style
last big mistake you made as well has lesson learnt
how do you build relationships with fellow graduates
what personal characteristics will you say has contributed to your success today


What role did you apply for?


international graduate scheme


I’m preparing for the numerical and abstract reasoning using assessment day how much does this differ with the difficulty of the actual tests. Saville consulting is the test provider.


i wont recommend assesment days for the test they are basic numerical and abstrat test assesment days is sort of extra hard check savilles website for examples


hi adeyemitosin681, thanks for sharing your experience! I would like to know do you need examples to back up your answer or just generally explain what you did? Appreciate for any advice!


Hi everyone, I just got an invite to do the aptitude tests after the work strengths test. From the forums for past applications, it seems to be aptitude tests first then work strengths. Is everyone’s process the same as mine?

The email did not say what tests they are, compared to last year, where there were 3 tests, one following the other. So now I don’ even know what kind of practices I would need.


Did you hear back yet? I did mine last week and am getting anxious now…


Also adeyemitosin681, what did you apply for? I applied for Financial Markets.


Did mine last Tueaday, but haven’t heard back yet. That could be a good thing or bad thing so not sure.


The 9 questions below are wrong. Mine was completely different…I seriously regret having seen these questions before the video interview.


seriosly sorry about that that was what came up for mine what country did you apply for ?


good pls can you confirm if the questions were right


i used some exapmles but not for all questions