Standard Chartered Assessment Tests


I recently applied for the Standard Chartered Graduate Scheme and have been invited to take an online test. I understand this test is unlike the tests that other companies use to assess candidates (not SHL style numerical/verbal comprehension). Instead it’s a logical PSL type test. Although I’ve taken several other employment tests I’m unfamiliar with these particular tests and was wondering if anyone has any experience with logical tests, provided by Standard Chartered or any other employer. Any info would be quite helpful.


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Welcome to the forum! You might find this existing thread pretty helpful:

And for logical reasoning tests, this may help:

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My advice would be to answer it as truthfully as possible, as they are looking to assess a candidate’s fit. After this round, there will be the standard reasoning/numerical tests. Good luck!


I just finished this test, and failed to get the job. I want to know their needs :frowning:


r u accepted? I tried my best and truthfully, don’t know…


LATE REPLY BUT HOPE THIS LINK HELPS OTHERS Setting Standards in Psychometric Test Preparation


I’ve practices logical tests with Graduates First at and I have been successful with all my online assessments regardless of provider. Essentially the techniques and skills they test are the same it’s just a format that differs.