Standard Chartered 2017 International Graduate Program


i applied for risk and compliance. am also on the video interview stage. not yet done it.

are you applying as a kenyan citizen? because we dont have the option for corporate finance here


I am a Kenyan Citizen but looking to be based in London as I am in university in the UK so I have applied for a role in the London office which has the corporate finance option.
@kan_so where is your role based?


@Patrick_Noble what kind of questions were asked in video interview?


Has anyone done the HR interview yet? I applied for Wealth management stream Kenya


Not yet, i did the video interview in early september.

Have you done the HR interview?


Did you already do the video interview?


Yes I did. Haven’t heard back yet though.
Have you?


Hi Lisa, what kind of questions were asked please?


Not yet, heard some people have started being called for HR interviews


It’s been 3 weeks since I did it so can’t remember exactly but it was questions like;
-what qualities would you like to improve
-what motivates you to work with others
-how will you feel if given a task to by your boss
-have you ever recorded a major set back
-how do you feel when others ask you for advise
-last time you adapted you interpersonal style
-last big mistake you made as well has lesson learnt
-how do you build relationships with fellow graduates
-what personal characteristics will you say has contributed to your success today

I got this questions from a previous interviee, however not all of them came.


Thanks so much


I did the HR interview about a week ago. Does anyone know how long it takes before one is called for the business interview? Am based in Kenya


Very informative post. Thanks for sharing.



Any response after the video interview?


Any one else applying from Kenya who did the video interview and has NOT yet received feedback?


Hy lisa, any response from stanchart after the video interview?


Yes I did. They sent me an email and asked if I’d be interested in the financial markets department instead as corporate finance had too many applicants. I said yes and I had a phone interview today with HR in Singapore (London HR not available) and I’m off to the assement centre in London on Friday.
So got my fingers crossed.

Have you heard back?


wow congrats. lucky you. i did my video on 20th September, still no response.

when did you submit your video?


20th sept? Maybe you should call them and ask them for progress.
I did mine 17th Oct.


Hello Lisa.can u please advise me on wat next to do. I submitted my Video interview on the 11th of October and I have not gotten any response from them since they only to tell me that they saw I applied for more than one internship program and they would choose my first choice but when their talent team contacts me then I can make a decision to change to wat I want and that was all. But it’s December now and I have not gotten any email from them yet