Standard Chartered 2017 International Graduate Program



Does anyone know about the questions asked in the video interview?


Not sure if I’m too late, but look in the 2016 thread as the questions that appeared there, pretty much appeared in the real thing. One question I got asked that I didn’t see anywhere else was “provide an example of a piece of academic work that you were particularly proud of”


Does anyone know how competitive this program is compared to IB’s etc? I applied for last 2 years but didn’t get anywhere and have a decent background…do they hire a lot of people?


Hey guys,
Does anyone know questions asked in the video interview?


Hey Guys, Has anyone been contacted after the video interview yet?


Hi Pooja2000, did you hear back from Standard Chartered after the video interview?


Hi has anyone heard back from Standard Chartered after the interview ?


After which of the interviews?? HR or business?


Video interview for the Graduate Programme


Hi guys, I have a question regarding the 2018 IG programme but I presume many of the questions will be similar. What kind of questions were asked in your video interviews?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Any kenyan applying for the 2019 program?


Hi Kan I already applied


Which stream? Done with the video interview?


I am in Global banking, yes I am done with video interview. I freaked out just keeping my fingers crossed.


Yeah, thats normal. Same here. Which stream did you apply?


I can’t remember if I actually applied for global banking role or not but after the numerical test they said my I would take a video interview for the global banking kenya role.


Hi Patrick,

Can you please advise what the questions for the video interview are?


Me. But applying in the UK


Awesome, which stream? how far are you with the application?


I’m applying for corporate finance. I’ve been invited to do the video interview.
Where and what are you applying for?

Have you done it?
What questions do they ask?