Standard Bank Interview

Standard Bank


I recieved an e-mail 2-3 days after the telephone interview, saying that I meet the minimum requirements so I passed the phone interview. If you recieve that you should wait to recieve a phone call after another 4-5 days to attend a face to face interview. Good luck.




I havent heard anything fr a week…so probably i got rejected


hi mo,

i was wondering would it be possible for you tell me what the first face to face interview consists of? what sort of questions do they ask?



any one had a face to face interview with standard bank yet?? can anyone provide me with some insight of what they ask please? i got coming up soon.

many thanks


anyone had a face to face interview? how did it go? i had mine today. anyone heard back?



Hi, I applied but nothing yet…so cant help much.
how did your interview go? what technical questions did you receive?

thanks a lot


i think my interview went ok, i managed to answer the questions asked and did my homework. but you never know with these things.
there were no technical questions, just a pure competency interview and motivational questions.


Hi nishpopat

I have my telephone interview on the 9th, can you please let me know what exact questions you were asked.
I am really worried they might ask technical questions as I don’t know much about IB.
I applied to risk, what division you applied to?



i applied to operations and i wasnt asked anything technical. mine was competency based and with motivational questions. they asked about teamwork, organisational and time management skills.
some of the questions were, as has been previously posted, about diversity, how do you value money?, how do others perceive you? and what do you do in your spare time.

i found it quite straight forward. nothing too difficult but make sure you know your stuff.


Thanks nishpopat

What questions were asked in the face to face interview?
Is it literally the same competencies as telephone? (Soz, I have lots of questions)
If so, I am f****d. I am going to run out of examples.

Good luck on your outcome of the interview, keep us posted.


@ Jobless

How did it go? Any interesting questions? Im thinking about applying to risk as well just not sure if I’m that qualified (international experience etc). When did you apply by the way they do seem to be conducting interviews a little early considering the deadline is on the 15th.



I don’t think I did enough to get through.
I didn’t like the questions they asked. (e.g. how do u embrace diversity?) What the hell?

I applied last tuesdays and they got back to me the next day.

Good luck on ur application.

For me its back to applications.


@ nish - sent you a PM.


Yeah my application got rejected today. I guess I didn’t have enough experience. Oh well.


What others hav u applied to Bluth?


had my tele interview with them. Rather interesting I must say. I got the usual questions in this thread -

  • diverisity
  • how you deal with money
  • spare time
  • why SB
  • why the programme you applied to - she quized me a lot about this
  • three words that describe you the most (and why)
  • some more questions which I cant remember now

How long does it take to hear back from them after the telephone interview/



i heard back on the same day.


I’ve not heard back. It looks like I’ve failed.

Were you successful in the face to face?