Standard Bank Interview

Standard Bank

thanx man…
If u rememebr could u list out the questions they asked u?


it was a while back like in early september so cant remember…sorry!


no worries…u have been a big help…


yah that very question meesed me up too…about financial gains working fr standard bank…i told her that i wasnt really too concered about big financial gains at the moment but more focused on my career development…GOD knows hwat she wanted to hear…however my interview wasnt as good as i tot would go…it was quite trick.
She did tell me that she would inform me today if i have been selected or not…has any one heard frm standard yet?


for IBD applications,

how long did it take them to call you for first round interview after submitting the application? the first round is telephone? then face-to-face? then AC???


i got invited the nxt day


have u heard back frm standard?


what do u think is the rite way to answer it


My only advice to you is:there is no right answer to that question.I went through all the interview stages and I felt the phone interview didn’t go too well cos some of the questions asked caught me unawares,but guess what?I still made it thru.I think what they are more concerned abt is ur ability to think on the spot and the logic behind ur reasoning.
If any one needs help as u move on with the interview stages,I will be glad to guide u.


mo thanx for that piece…how long does it take them to get back to u after the telephonic interview…i had mine at 11 today…the person interviewing told me she would let me know by today wheter i have made it to the next round or not…but i havent heard anything

How is the face to face interview like…do they check ur comptencies again or is it more focused on ur businness and technical knowledge…howz the pshymoteric test designed…is it both verbal and numeracy or just numeracy…is there anything else apart frm what i have mentioned in the face to face interview



I have a telephone interview coming up as well, did they ask you anything about client service, such as how have you gone over and beyond to help a customer out?

thanks…you heard back?



hi, i am also in the process of finalising my app form for standard bank…which division did you apply to?

and did you struggle with those additional questions which seem to be really difficult?
did you do lots of research for them?

thanks for your help!


i have applied for operations.

i did have some difficulty, as the questions are a bit different then others and yes rather difficult. I researched the company through its website and then just wrote down what i had that best suited the position.


thanks for your feedback!

wish you good luck with the app process at SB



can anyone provide me with the types of competency they touched on? what competency was the main focus??

thanks so much!


This was the strangest telephone interview ever (I applied for grad program in sales). It felt like talking to a machine, the person just reads the questions from a paper and typed out my whole answer (I guess on one of those old typing machines :p), there was no interaction whatsoever. I think I talked too fast and should have asked whether I should slower my pace.

There was one question in particular where I was lost , I didn’t understand it fully but they asked me something like: “how do people around you perceive you in terms of your values and how you deal with money”.


for operations, did they ask anything about dealing with a difficult customer or a team member who was being difficult?


lol now i know what you guys ment by it being a weird interview! just had mine now, think i started of well, but stumbled on a couple of questions! :S oh well lets hope for the best!!


hi mo,

was wondering how long did it take them to get back to you after your telephone interview? just had mine today just over as hour ago and they said will get back to asap! :s



has anyone heard back frm standard yet…i had mine on tuesday…its been a wek now…