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As above im stuck on a question with the Standard Bank Risk graduate application so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Economic Interest Emerging Markets have different challenges and opportunities to 1st world economies and countries. With the current economic pressures and global realities in mind, what do you regard as an unrealised opportunity and /or unidentified risk associated with financial institutions operating within emerging markets?

Now I did an MSc in Development Economics so I know about past pitfalls and such like with EM but am looking for something with a specific reference to Risk, an area of which I dont have any knowledge so if anyone can help me bring them together I would appreciate it alot.




Hi ras,

I dont have a MSc in dev econ, but i believe that nobody expects you to come up with a highly technical answer.
Instead it is more about your creativity and how you look at the problem…Also, this question is asked of everyone applying for their grad programme…

I have noticed that the application form allows you to select multiple programmes…Did you only select Risk?
I’ve searched their website but unable to find any specification regarding the number of choices we can make in the application.



Yes I only selected risk as I figured rightly or wrongly it may be easier to get in. It does give you the option to make more choices though but then you have to tailor your answers to them and your limited on words so didnt want to dilute from what I knew or could show I knew.



I am applying to Standard Bank Graduate Programe…can some1 pls help me answer this question

Why Standard Bank and Emerging Markets

Standard Bank is a leading bank focusing on emerging markets with its roots in Africa. In your opinion what unique value and opportunities can Standard Bank offer you as a graduate? How has this impacted your decision to apply for the Standard Bank Graduate Programme?


what would should i say to this

If you could send a personal message to the top leaders/decision makers in the world relating to a career within Investment Banking, what would you try to influence or convince them of, and why?


i would refer to recent developments in the industry and present my argument against something and back that argument up. there is no right or wrong answer really (assuming you know whats currently going on in the world).


thanks…but i still dont have an interesting topic. was thinking of the basel agreement but cant really c the negatives of it. i would like to tailor the answer to emerging markets. ne ideas?


Just look at what are the main factors differentiating 1st world economies from emerging markets (hint - less developed infrastructure, lower industrialization levels, availability of highly skilled unemployed labor, political instability etc.) and look into exploiting those factors to provide CIBs with higher returns while ideally giving something back to local community. I didn’t base my answers on any of the current legislations, but rather on the market specifics in current economical conditions. Of course it helps if you can support your statements with factual information (market sector growth/decline, current tendencies, factors limiting or encouraging internal consumption/ export etc.) But that’s just my 2 cents…

I also have a question myself - what did you put in a covering letter? I feel like I have already covered most if not all of the stuff you would normally in it simply by answering other application questions



These are really trick questions but at the end of the day you have to realise that all these positions require certain similar combinations of analytical, technical and interpersonal skills as there is an overlap of attributes.

Most importantly you would need strong analytical and communication skills as you deal with customers and clients and have to have a good understanding of the investment products and opportunities and how these meet the needs of both you clients and the bank.

You can always use team projects both at work experience or the university to show how you developed your skills but you Must! focus on what you did and what the outcome was.