Not sure what forum this should come under, but thought I would start a page for those applying for the Stagecoach Operations Managment graduate scheme. Anybody had any experiences they would like to share so far?

I am currently awaiting the results of my first interview, and was told not to expect contact until the end of April.

The interview was made to feel fairly informal and consisted of motivational questions, background information and a few competency based questions, which I have since forgotten (My interview was at the start of March).


hi…im thinking about this grad scheme…what did they seem like?..what kinda of questions did they ask…?..had a mate who had one last year and said they are pretty quick with the reply of offer. hope tht helps.


Hi there got an interview and test coming up for the same scheme. Any tips? lol dam just saw the date of the post you must be running stagecoach by now.