Staff Treatment


hi guys

I was wondering if anyone else feels like they are badly treated by employers while working on a temp or contract basis.

I was recently doing a contract working partly in the UK and then 3 months out of the country to finish the contract. When i had about 3 weeks of my contract left it was suddenly announced at a staff meeting that i would be taking over from someone who was leaving the company. I had never been consulted and the first I knew of my proposed new role was when it was announced.

Am i a bit difficult or petulent for declining the job and feeling that I had been badly treated?

I think tha\t the proposal should have atleast been discussed with me. I’d already been flying to the job Mondays and Fridays and staying in hotels for three months. There was no thought of asking if I wanted the role or to try to sort out accomodation or tell me how long the extension would last. I think I was poorly treated and this is an example of bad management.


I’ve never done any contracts, but I think we are all expendable and just numbers and we are treated as such.

There’s a lot of PR but at the end of the day, there are very few companies which look after and value their staff.



In my experience you’re correct in saying that staff are generally not very well treated, but I would say that commercial companies look after their staff better than the professional firms.