Spring 2019 intake



Can I ask does anyone know anything about the Spring 2019 intake for big 4?
Because as I am in the master course so PWC said could not process the next step since my course will be finished in late September.
Does anyone know anything about spring 2019? or any opening date or deadline for it?
thanks very much xxx


Hi Maxine Maxine,

I am also a current Masters students and applied for the Management Consulting intake for Spring 2019 and got an offer. I believe that their positions are now all full for this scheme for Spring 2019, but I think the other divisions might be opening depending on whether they require graduates into their programme.

hope this helps at least!


Hi Avivymous,
I also applied for 2019 spring. Would you mind tell me something about the video interview please?
I really need some information about it because there was no video interview last year.
thanks a lot


I am also trying to find info about this. I only found out that there are some questions and case study, different for each role. Tho, not sure is this correct.