Hello everyone,

I’m a fresh graduated student from morocco. I have a master degree in marketing and sales from IAE Lyon 3 Jean moulin. I want to have a work experience in europe. But for that I need to find a company that could gives me a sponsorship. Do you know where I can apply and which companies offer international graduates program ?


Hi there

First off, congrats on graduating! You may find this list useful; it shows a list of companies in the UK and the category of workers they can sponsor:

Good luck :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. But do you know where could I look for job offers from other european countries ?


Hi. Do you have any other specific European countries in mind?


Hi. the other countries I have in mind are : France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland and Germany. If there’s another eastern european country, why not ?


OK. Try this, might be helpful for you:



Thank you a lot. If there’s other options, I’m ready for it :wink: