Sponsors for Educational Opportunity (SEO) Assessment centre


Has anyone had one? Typical questions asked?


A friend of mine had one for Risk recently, said there was a panel of interviewers from all the major banks. I’ll have to ask him for more detail, but he was asked mental arithmetic, and puzzle-type questions. I think he was asked for the values of market indices, but I’ll have to confirm on that one.


Who is SEO?



Check it out!



This should help answer your question. I was going to apply for internships through them, but left it too late to get the academic reference I needed for the application form, so just applied to each individual bank.


Damn! The response time is getting so fast on this forum!

Thanks guys I’ll check that out now.

P.S. I have changed the title of this thread slightly to avoid google indexing this thread for SEO - Search Engine Optimisation).


That’s a very interesting organisation. I’ve sent them an email - perhaps there are ways WikiJob can work with them…

Do you guys know anyone who’s been through the process? What’s the training like? …it looks like a great concept.


I know people that have gone through them and have all said how the training makes them stand out during their internships. However I am a bit annoyed that having gone through the process applying for an operations or finance internship they only told me they didn’t hold specific assessment centres for these divisions after passing their numerical tests. The implication was that I like many of their applicants had wanted to kill two birds with one stone and apply to the SEO so as to have an audience with many banks at once rather than directly applying. But instead I was then told they would send my details to their partner banks and IF they the banks were interested I would be contacted. Now given the current economic climate what was my chances? Especially as banks were engrossed in their own direct applications. Fortunately I applied directly to a selected few (specifically 2) Banks and I guess I was lucky that I received an offer from them, don’t know how lucky others were though!


wizegurl, are you saying it was better for me to have applied directly to the individual banks than to have gone through the whole SEO process?


Do you have to pay to join? …where do they get the money from to put into the training, etc?


NativeTongue to maximise your chances you should have done both, bearing in mind if you get rejected by a bank you directly applied to you cant now go to that bank through SEO. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying SEO is not a good scheme if you get an internship through them it is a great thing especially because of the support and training they provide. It’s just that had i not just made some direct applications I would be in the worst position right now.


no you don’t pay for anything as they are a charity organisation so i guess they have some money for this, also they get a lot of support form partner banks such as using their premises for parts of the application processes.


As far as i’m aware SEO make money from the banks as they get some money per applicant they send to them. That’s why banks use them in the first place because it means that they can tick diversity boxes but also see the best of the best so its a service they are willing to pay for. Plus SEO has a strong alumni network so a lot of the training or talks are given by previous SEO members and they do this free of charge.


I just checked these guys on the web and I am still a little confused? So would an applicant apply to them, do various different tests/interviews and do a AC with the bank directly with applicants from the banks direct application process?? Or do they have specific SEO ACs?? I just cant really understand the point of this organisation?? (or maybe I still dont get it?)



This SEO sounds interesting!!?!! but since the deadline had passed and i have finsihed my degree could i still apply? once the deadline reopens?

Or should i contact them?



Lil-Chloe - The process is that you apply to SEO, get a teacher to give you recommendations. You then sit a numeracy test with them. Based on the results SEO will then cut certain people from the group. Those who do get through go to a set of interviews just for SEO candidates. there will usually be 3 interviewers from different banks there judging you and theres no group stuff or anything. Following that the 3 bank representatives who interviewed you will either decide which one of them takes you for an internship, cut you from SEO and say ur not suitable, or give their notes to another one of SEO sponsered banks who many be interested in you even tho they werent.
Basically in short, you never compete with normal applicants or follow that process; its all through the SEO system.

CK - Unfortunately you can apply. you have to be in the penultimate year to get through (i know this because im a finalist and i tried to do so this year and they werent having a bar of it) you can be in final year and do a masters but in that case you have to show them the documentation of you masters application. However im guessing if you’ve graduated you’ve got no more study left so if would be a definite no for them.


Hey Sjon2538 thanks for the information really really helpful, although I dont understand why if you have to go through all of that for SEO, why dont candidates apply direcly to banks? And I think i’d like to complete with normal applicants, I mean doesn’t it look better from an employer point of view?


Hey Sjon2538 thanks for the information really really helpful, although I dont understand why if you have to go through all of that for SEO, why dont candidates apply direcly to banks? And I think i’d like to complete with normal applicants, I mean doesn’t it look better from an employer point of view?


Is it advised to apply via SHL and also directly to some banks? or if its better to apply for ‘favorable’ banks directly?

Is it really looked down upon if not impossible, if applying after finishing the degree. Surely they realise some people did not make it first time. Or is the assumption that they didn’t make it the first time so why now? I guess if so, it would leave a masters as the only option =/


I think SEO provide a lot of coaching. Essentially though I think it would seem best to apply direct too, even if you were using SEO.