Spent Conviction


I am currently studying LLB Law and will be looking to pursue a legal career. During my teens I received a referral order for GBH, which is now a spent conviction. This offence was completely out of character and was done solely out of self defence. I don’t want this to ruin my career when I am applying for training contracts in the future as disclosure of this is necessary due to the legislation in place.

It would be of great help if people could give me some feedback on whether this is going to ruin my career or not, as Law is something I have always had a passion for and the one offence that was done completely out of the blue has been playing on my mind ever since.


you most likely have to appear before the sra/lawsoc but this should be ok as it was a long time ago


When a candidate has special circumstances, as you do, it is often better to ring up their HR team before you send your application. At the first stage, lots of HR will automatically dismiss a candidate who does not have the perfect application. If you speak to them first, they will know to look out for your application and are more likely to judge your merits rather than focus overtly on a single feature.