Speechly Bircham Interview


Hello everyone, I just got invited for a summer vac interview with SB, I am just wondering if anyone had an interview with them before would like to share their experience? I would appreciate very much :wink:


Yes. I can. In the spirit of the forum I will detail my interview and assessment procedure for you! But please give others your feedback from this company’s interview process, or from others that you have been on, or will go on!!!

I was interviewed last year, by 2 people - (one HR and one assistant solicitor). First of all I was left alone for 10 minutes to read and prepare answers to a case study on the buying of a business. I then had to present my answers and was asked questions relating to the answers I had given. We then talked about travelling, university, why I had decided to apply to the the firm, why did I want to study and work in specific areas of law.

They also asked what the GDL encompassed and asked me to talk through my dissertation. Then I was grilled on questions such as the effect of globalization, the biggest issue facing the city right now, what I thought about other firms who had offices abroad, what/who would be my ideal firm, etc.

I was asked both at the start and at the end of the interview why I wasn’t applying to magic circle firms - make sure you have a good answer for this!!!

The interviewers spent most time on personality questions and were really interested in my background (I’m German & speak Germany) and unusual modules I had studied at university. They were also very keen to ask city questions/[[commercial awareness]] type questions, although I don’t know if that was prompted by my answer to what qualities I thought a trainee should have.

Overall, the interviewers were extremely friendly and I felt as at ease straight away. It was fun - intense, but intelligent and I felt good afterwards.

They are pretty efficient - I think I heard back within a couple of weeks. I got an offer but eventually turned it down :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck! When is your interview?


To answer the question on why you want to work for a smaller firm/why not a [[magic circle]] firm, check this article/thread - [http://www.wikijob.co.uk/forum/general-discussion/graduate-jobs-why-work-small-firm Why work for a small firm?]. It should put you straight!


wow, you guys are brilliant!!!
thanks alot 2manydjs! I will certainly leave my feedback.
My interview is next Wed, fingers cross…hehehe


hey canbielly, how did the interview go?