Spectrum Value Partners: Insights on Recruitment Process

Spectrum Value Partners


I am looking for any kind of information on Spectrum Value Partners (formerly Spectrum Strategy Consultants):

  • insights on the recruitment process,
  • ambience at work,
  • training,
  • travel,
  • contact with the client,
  • usual work at a business analyst level,
  • evolution of the company after being taken over by Value Partners,
  • or any other information

    Thanks !


Did you manage to find anything on google?


Not really… and just few comments in the Value Partners section of Vault.


Not really too knowledgable about these guys - who are they exactly?


“Spectrum Value Partners works with the world’s best media, entertainment and telecoms organisations to identify and exploit opportunities for innovatio, growth, expansion and performance improvement.” according to one of their leaflets.

“At Spectrum, we provide top-level strategic advice to companies at the forefront of the world’s most dynamic industries. Over the last 12 years we have expanded rapidly to serve clients in over 40 countries, through a network of eight international offices. In Asia Pacific, we have operations in Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney and New Delhi.
Our clients span all sectors of the rapidly evolving digital market-place including television, mobile telecoms, music, new media, internet, radio, fixed telecoms and sports. We work with innovative and ambitious organisations in these fields such as the BBC, English Premier League, Hutchison, IDA (Singapore), NBC, NTT DoCoMo, Ofcom UK, PCCW, Shaw Brothers, SingTel, Time Warner, Texas Pacific Newbridge and Vodafone.”

“Since February 2007, Spectrum has merged with Value Partners, the management and IT consulting group headquartered in Milan. The merger will enable Spectrum to offer a complete suite of strategy, operations and technology consulting to our clients. Particularly in Asia, the merger will create significant synergies for the group, including further extending Spectrum’s client reach in China.”


Have a look here if you haven’t seen it already:
and obviously here:

In answer to your questions though, here’s some stuff that generally applies to strategy. If it’s not strategy you’re interested in, tell me!

*Travel- depends on your clients. Most of the time you will work from your office though, so travel should be fairly minimal.
*Training- typically, training is provided but there is no recognised consulting or strategy qualification. The closest thing is an [[MBA]].
*Work/life- strategy is deadline driven. Hours can be long.
*Money- because you are generally not on a training contract, and because strategy is a very profitable business, pay is usually quite good. Places are always competitive though.
*Day to day tasks- spreadsheet modelling, research in industry journals/internet, making powerpoints collating your results for the client.

Because Spectrum Value Partners doesn’t appear to focus on financial services, the hours might be more reasonable than at other firms.

Hope this helps!


I see youv been going down the list on vault like me!

seriously, getting interviews from these guys is impossible reflected by the fact you never see threads on here, tsr, prospects etc as they generally only take Oxbridge candidates, even when you look at their profiles/campus recruitment.

Im not looking at the bigger firms like accenture/capgemini/ibm where its much more accessable, but isnt pure strategy consulting.


I have recently received an email from them following my application stating that they have halted recruitment.


Hi Pokiju, i was looking at Spectrum last year and i did some pretty thorough homework. Your first port of call should normally be [http://www.thegatewayonline.com The Gateway] - if you don’t get it at your uni then check out [http://www.thegatewayonline.com The Gateway] website: http://www.thegatewayonline.com

As for Spectrum, here’s what i know:

1 – Now called Value Partners, dropped name Spectrum following buy-out of firm in 2006
2 – Recruitment process like any other consultancy, 2-3 rounds with case studies, fit interviews with HR / senior staff and the MD also likes to meet all new hires
3 – Ambience – as per lots of boutique consultancies, generally a little less stuffy than the top two firms but take their work very seriously. As a TMT (telecos, media, technology) specialist, all their staff are very passionate about these sectors
4 – Training – More on-the-job than formal training programs, giving lots of responsibility early in the career. But since merger with Value Partners, now go on a week’s training once per year, typically somewhere international
5 – Contact with Client – As per above, heightened responsibility compared with larger firms results in more client contact / chance to build relationships. But, as per any consultancy, contact is relatively minimal whilst you learn the tools of the trade for the first few years
6 – See this article (http://www.thegatewayonline.com/article/15) which shows you the day-to-day in consultancies (quant analysis, qual research, presentations, meetings, helping internal staff people etc)
7 – Advantages since takeover – more international feel to office, synergies in terms of clients resulted in more work and confidence despite downturn; disadvantages – may lose small company feel, could be staffed on international projects more often, may come to lose TMT specialty over time to become radial London office of Value Partners.

If you’re interested just apply, although i think someone told me that this year they have deferred the grad program until June (for September start) so don’t expect a reply for a few months…

Hope this helps.