South Africa Standard Bank telephone interview for CIB

Standard Bank

Hi Guys

Please can you help me, I have a telephonic interview with Std Bank and was wondering if anyone has gone through the same thing.
what kind of questions do they ask and how was it in general.



I have a telephone interview for SB and was wondering whether anyone knows what kind of questions to expect. I know there are the general compotency questions but what technical questions might you be asked.


I just did my telephone interview not sure what the outcome is but they asked me a lot of compotency questions especially asking to match my skill sets to the operations role i am applying for. The standard questions were:
What are your strengths and areas of development?
Why SB?
Why operations and not some other division?
What motivates you?
What financial rewards do you expect?
What do you expect from working at SB?
Operations need organisation, can you tell of a time when you showed these skills.
What would people say about you?


Question: “What are your strengths and areas of development?”

Did you take the STAR approach for this one?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ive done 2 telephone interviews (leadership + CIB) and its just to get a general idea. Its usually 3 strengths and then
a weakness. But how you are learning to over come it. Eg I said My weakness is that sometimes I have difficulties delegating work to other people but during
my involvement on XYZ committee I have learnt to be more team focused and trust my peers etc. Just be honest, cos when you get to the face to face they ask you again, and in detail.
Show that you recognise your flaws and can grow from them… signs of maturity.