Sony EGP 2013



can anyone that previously applied give some feedback on how the phone interviews and assessment went?
Applying for the 2013 entry. Do they test the various language skills at any point and are there presentations to be done during the selection process.

Very grateful for any type of feedback :slight_smile:

Are there any 2013 applicants out there btw?


Hey there which role did you apply for at Sony?


for the graduate programme. there is only one i believe?


for the graduate programme. there is only one i believe?


Yes there is only one Graduate Scheme for Sony EGP.


Well yeah …sorry @oneandonly think your talking about something else then ?


I applied some months ago and received an invitation for SJT this week. What about you?


Also got an invitation for an SJT test :slight_smile:


hey guys,
thanks for the EGP 2013 link, graduate015)
yeah lets get into logical mindset, still have time to get prepared for SJT:)


I’ve just finished this situational judgement test and wonder if someone knows when I can expect the results.
Thanks in advance.


Well, they say you have til february 4th to complete it, so I guess yoou’ll have to wait til that deadline for the results


hey greatcandidate:)
how was the test? hehehe i have not taken yet, would it be possible to give some examples?



I also think we will get our results after the 4th of February, but wasn’t sure.

Regarding the test: it was typical SJT so you have to go through 20 scenarios (quite small cases) and range possible solutions from very effective to counterproductive. As the goal is to reveal your possible behaviour in different situations there are no right or wrong solutions. However some of them are corresponding with the Sony vision of ideal candidate for the EGP and some of them don’t.

I wish you all the best of luck and may the force be with you (:


Hi @mehere, there are quite a few practice tests online…might help you get used to the way the test is structured.
Like @greatcandidate said you cant really fail (either sony disagrees with your actions or not).
It would however help if you try to think what your employer would like hear and would like you to act in certain situations :slight_smile:

good luck!!


Thank you for your comments guys, lets do our best )
Good luck to all !


Thanks for the comments. did you guys do practice tests like the ones on assessment day before doing the real one ? were the questions very similar ?


@AlrickPagnon , Assesment day? dont really understand. U mean did we practice SJT tests online before taking the Appollo version?


Yeah thats what I meant. Assessment day is the name of a website that offers practice SJT tests. ( So I was wondering if their test were similar to the Appollo version.


Ooh ok get it now. Yeah took the tests on assessmentday website as well. Have not yet done the apollo tests but the idea is that its pretty much the same …no idea if the exact same question will be asked though?


I did the practice test on assessmentday website (one which available as PDF) and and can recommend it as this is a good chance to become familiar with such type of tests. The real apollo test doesn’t contain the same questions.
Here you will face quite small cases and possible solutions to be ranked (see my comment before). All together there are 20 cases which are not repeated.
Hope this comment will help.