Sony egp '10



My question is for anyone who has had a first round interview with SONY for the European Graduate Program starting in September. It’s now been two weeks since that took place and I have no reply/feedback.

I know the A/C is taking place in April so there is no rush, but just wondering if anyone is in my shoes or has heard back. Would be very helpful!

Thanks all,



I’ve received an email last Friday that I’m invited for the next stage, A/C 2nd week of April. Hope this helps…

Anyway, if there is any1 who has previously attended SONY EGP assessment it would be awesome to share some tips!



Great to hear, that makes two of us. See you in Berlin and best of luck! I know someone who is in the EGP '09 and I’ll soon be in touch with her. I’ll get back to you. What are you up to now? Studying/working?



Great to hear you’ve passed as well! Looking forward to meeting u in Berlin.
I’m currently studying, finishing my MSc in France. You? Any news from your friend in Sony? What do you think about the dress code for the AC?


Did any1 else received a call back from the Sony recruitment team? They said they’ll get back in touch by the end of May but my friend was already informed that he is accepted.
Tnx all


hey guys,
any experience to share for this traineeship application? did you pass the assessment?
I have recieved today a link for the first step…well, hope I could pass it !



Hi Everyone,

I’m invited for the AC for next week in Berlin. Could those who were there last year share some experience about it? Thank you so much in advance!



Anyone got any tips for the telephone interview?What kind of questions are they asking?

Thank you in advance!!


im recruiting this year as well. i have telephone interview tomorrow. what about you?


I dont have such information but would be nice to know it.



I will do the phone interview next week. Those who already did it, please share their experiences! :slight_smile:
Szalrob, Skagen: I have no clue.

Good luck all!


haha, this Q tests were really stupid. i had to do them for different company as well. i like shl tests much more.
Did you get information about interview? Mainly they will ask about it. The nice thing, the interview was not too long, questions about motivation and the best thing: not many competency based questions. i think i had only 3 of them and then just additional questions to the examples I gave. so quite pleasant talk.
good luck


By the way: how do you feel about the appollo tests?
I felt that I screwed up the logical reasoning part, but as I got the interview seemlingly it didn’t go as bad. Maybe because the other applicatns were also not so good :smiley:


Thx Paulina for the infos and it is nice to hear that it went great for you!

Yep, after Q test I LOVE the shl so much :slight_smile:

I got a short description about the phone interview, but then who knows what will happen in the reality! :slight_smile:
Did you get questions also for your CV?
Was the interview in Englsih or in other language as well?



Everything was in English and i wasn’t asked about anything from my CV. I would say that it was more like nice talking that interview because questions were rather nice.

Oh and better check time twice because I am not in gmt zone and I was waiting 2 hours before :smiley:


Sounds good!
Thanks for the notice concerning the time zone, luckily it is better to expect the interview 2 hours earlier than 2 hours later! :slight_smile:


for sure it’sbetter, but anyway I finished my master thesis presentation 10mins just before the real time of my interview. So i was a bit stressed that I will not make it.

good luck again and write me how it was :slight_smile:


Huh, it must have been tough!

Alright, I’ll keep you updated! :slight_smile:


I also did the phone interview. It was just like Pola1 described it. There is nothing to worry about :slight_smile:
I was told that as they do interviewes during the whole week, therefore results could be expected by the end of next week.
Hoping fo the best, cheers guys!


I had interview last Wednesday and they told me that the results should be at the beginnng of this week or sometime during this week. So now, we have two different versions, but hopefully they will do it as quickly as possible.
I’m from Poland :slight_smile: