Some Competency interview tips



Hi guys,

Just wanted to share some tips for competency interviews because i know these tips worked well for me.

For every question - have prepared at least 2 examples even if you end up using one. You don’t want to provide the same/similar answer each time so it’s important to include some variation to show you aren’t a one trick pony.

Try to relax, if you’re struggling to think of your perfect interview response, apologise and say i’m just thinking about it. This shows you appreciate that you don’t want to give a botched answer and then you think before you charge.

Take a deep breath, try to be honest. Try to illustrate that you are the quintessential model for integrity.

Write down all of the competency interview questions you can think of and try to prepare reasonable answers to all of them, there’s an app i used on my iphone called gradapp which i thought was quite useful, it basically does this for you.

Make sure you’ve answered the question. Once you’ve finished responding, just ask yourself - does this answer the question?


Thanks, I found this helpful advice. I also tried out gradapp and it’s definitely a good tool to practice interviews.


Thanks for great tips I really liked those tips. Especially when saying no or sorry to some question which you don’t know the answer always makes bad impact so trying to get some time and think for it can be a good option.
I mostly stuck on technical questions as interviewers asks so many of them.