Sodexo Graduate Scheme.


Hi there,

Anyone applied for their Finance Graduate Scheme? I did the tests earlier this week and still waiting to hear back with feedback.


Hi there,

I’m in the same position as you too! Even tried to find a recruitment number to chase them up but couldnt find one :confused:


It’s been two weeks since I did my tests and still nothing!


hey guys…

did anyone got a response? I have also applied for the grad finance scheme and had my telephone interview one week ago but havent heard from them since…

anyone that has any news please share with the rest…



HR said we would hear back sometime this week. Be patient.


Hi guys,

I had my phone interview yesterday and they called me in the morning today and booked me in for an assessment day on the 3rd of July. They did say that they had so many interviews and they are extremely busy so just wait until tomorrow and see.