Société Générale Telephone Interview Operations


Hello guys, I have an telephone interview in operations coming up next week, anyone had this before can share experience?
thx alot!!

and btw, how do you pronounce Société Générale properly?

Thank You


I’ve not yet submitted an application to them but did see a video profile of one of their managers. Maybe that should help with the correct pronunciation.
Is this for an internship or FT role? Good luck


Hey mkchai,

How was your telephone interview? I have mine coming soon and was wondering if you can share your experience. What type of question did they ask?

Many thanks!


You can just say ‘Soc Gen’


Once you guys did the test, what happened? If you failed, is it instant?





I got my test results the day after my numeracy test. No idea what the first round int. will involve.