SOCIETE GENERALE - Summer internship



I have a telephone interview coming up next week (summer internship in corporate finance)! Is anybody have done it already?



When did you do the tests and how long did it take them to get back to you after the tests?


I have a phone interview on Sunday, it seems that it is outsourced. I applied for Sales, summer.


@wisdom: I did it on Wednesday evening and I had a positive answer yesterday.

@wasiliiwasya: could you please give us a feedback once you completed the interview? From who did you hear that this interview is outsourced? Thx!


I just assume people in London don’t work on sunday night))


Or perhaps people just work in finance area?! …


maybe maybe) I just got phone interviews on week-ends from other companies and they were outsourced)

it doesn’t matter. I hope somebody can share now his interview experience, but I will share mine anyway. btw, is your interview also 15 min???


Okay I see, that’s weird.

My interview is also 15min, it seems short… ! Look forward to hearing from you! Good luck.


the interview finished a minute ago, with a nice lady from a UK number:

1.What skills make you an outstanding candidate for this role?
2. What is your long-term career prospect?
3. What do you want to gain from SocGen?
4. Gimme an example of work under pressure?
5. Gimme an example of communication conflict?
6. TIme when you did a challenging project? (here don’t remember the precise formulation)
7. Time when I showed integrity and professionalism?
8. Do you have a quick question?

The file will be passed to the team/teams and the answers will be in late February.

Good luck people.


a, one more question, which was actually the second: 2.1. What else you will bring to the job?


Thanks for questions. Had my interview today and they told me before hand they’ll ask me 5 questions only beforehand because of the time constraint.


Hi. I had my telephone interview last week, it went well! Thank you for your feedback.

As soon as one of you have news from SG, feel free to keep me posted :smiley:



Just to keep you posted, I received a call from SG today. They wanted to know in which area I would like to apply in particular. The recruiter took notes and he will inform the managers. Now, just wait & see again until the first week of March apparently.



Did they ask you to justify your choice of role/industry? Or was it more informal?


Nope, not really. It was quite informal!



Anybody had some news following the telephone interview?


Yeah they called me like two 2 days ago telling me that i’ve been shortlisted and if im still interested. Was informal!


Ok, great! Did they ask you if you want to apply for a specific department? Btw, for which program did you apply?


They basically told me that i’ve been shortlisted and if I am still interested in the role. They will now send my documents to the managers and will let me know if I am successful. I applied the Accounting and Finance Programme. Keep me updated. Cheers



Do you know if the final stage is a “telephone/skype” interview or an assessment center (several interview+group discussion, etc.)? I was certain we just have to pass an interview but a friend told me that the final stage is an assessment center (in London in our case). Any thought?