Societe Generale interview next week


I have a societe Generale interview next week this a telephone interview for iyt would love some tips or help.



Hi, I had my telephone interview last week. It was for IBD and couple of people I know had exactly the same questions.

It was 15-20 min, interviewed by very chilled HR woman, but she kept pushing me to answer quickly.

The Questions I got asked were:

  1. If I had 1 million pounds, how would you advise me to invest it?
  2. What recent developments have there been that affects your chosen division?
  3. Tell me about a time someone else let you down and it had a knock-on effect for you?
  4. Tell me a time when you worked in a team?
  5. Tell me a time when you had to motivate someone in a difficult situation?
  6. Tell me a time when you were stressed?
  7. Tell me why is ethics important at Societe Generale?
  8. List some clients that Societe Generale works with.

I think thats all, although they were in different orders.


Hi Tom,

Was your position for Capital Markets - Sales?


Did anyone have the second interview yet?


has anyone had IBD graduate full-time position telephone interview for 2014 intake? If so, could you please post up some questions you had? I have info from other companies you might be interested, so lets stay connected! thank you