Societe Generale Global Graduate Programme


I applied for research role in global markets.

I submitted in the early of sept, then i got the interview invitation 7 days after finishing the numerical test on 20th-ish sept.


Is SG interviewing for internships already or do they go through grad position first?


Hi dino,

I have applied for global finance.

any chance you can elaborate slightly on the questions they asked you and the questions that mkhai wrote?

How long did your interview last?

have you heard back yet?

many thanks


hello all,

I applied for G finance and got my numerical 2 days after
and 2 days after got an invitation for the phone interview



I got a new question for phone interview. Have you ever done something fun?
Assessment centres 6th of december london, and 29th november paris


Hi zwen,
Thanks for sharing the question, when did you know the time for the assessment centre? Did you know the result of your phone interview immediately after you finishing it? Or what kind of feedback did you get form the interviewer?


Has anyone heard back from the interview yet - I had my interview on Monday, still no response - getting a bit nervous now!


I had my interview today also, but they did not tell me when they are going to reply. The questions were almost the same as mkchai stated them. I applied for a Global Finance role. No technical questions at all.


how do you think you did? did you get a woman with her surname ending Smart?


It was a woman.But I did not pay that much of attention to her name. Well, I believe I could have done better, I really dont have any excuses. I could have done better on the conflict question especially. I kind of lost my momentum half way of the question. The creative thing you have done question was also tricky. Overall it was not a difficult interview, however the competition status will make the final decision of our individual assessment.


Hi All.

Can someone tell me what kind of test (e.g. SHL or PSL) SocGen uses?

Thank you in advance.




Thank you pap25!


It has been almost 2 weeks since i had the interview. Also, i emailed the team for the outcome last sunday and still has not got reply yet. Fingers crossed!


i have applied for IBD in Hong Kong with my first telephone interview next week. Does anyone have any tips to share?


bittersweet88 - read this thread, its almost a guide on what to expect.

dino1949 - i am also yet to hear, not sure when we can expect to. she said well before the ass cent on 6th december though - so maybe in a week’s time?

but your right - fingers crossed!!!


Sigh…why are they taking so long…


bittersweet88, I did not see any IB positions for HK for the grad program. Are you actually applying for a summer internship?


Out of curiosity, socgen extends interviews to EVERYONE who meet their application criteria and pass the numerical tests, dont they? Anyone knows of someone not being granted a phone interview?


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