Societe Generale Global Graduate Programme


Hi All

Does anyone have any information regarding the phone interview and Assessment Center for this programme?

I know that for all candidates applying for roles in european cities it is held in Paris, but i would be interested to hear if anyone has any information about the format of the day, questions and any useful tips.

Thanks in advance for your help,


whens urs? i got my telephone interview coming next week


oh have you done your telephone interview? what date is yours?
How is the interview? what questions did they ask?


Hi Mkchai,

I got my telephone interview on 6 oct. What date is yours?


How long did it take to hear back after you did the online tests?


five days after


one day maybe cause its weekday.


I was mid way through my application with SG but read on a forum that it is pointless to apply for an internship if you are not a postgrad or can’t speak French.

Should I abide by that or still apply? Do they recruit on a rolling basis or wait till the deadline and get back to you?


mine is on 6th as well , uk time 0700


Hi mkchai,

Your interview was early. How was it? What kind of questions they ask?

Thank you in advance.


what skills make u outstanding
ur long term career prospect
creative idea which make reality
teamwork which faced challenegs
work under pressure example
what u found most challgeieng during studies
last time u had communicatin problem


Thanks for shareing,mkchai.
I just booked my phone interview today, it will be hold on next Saturday.
Has din01949 taken the interview? What are the questions had you been asked?
Thanks in advance


Hi mkchai,

Thats very kind of you to post that - thank you!

How long did your interview last? Were their any technical questions? Were those the only questions they asked? Did they probe you for further answers to question?

Best of luck with your application mate.



20-25 mins, no technical, this is for operations tho

yea they probe into the quetsion a bit, but it shldnt be a concern im sure


Hi mkchai,

Thank you for your kind reply!

Is there any chance you could elaborate slightly on the questions that they ask? e.g. ‘Give us an example of a creative idea which you have thought up that made reality’?

I would very much appreciate any help you could offer me.



Sorry for the late update. The questions were pretty much thesame as what mkchai listed.
What skills do you think you are suitable and what do you want to gain from socgen?

What do you see yourself in next five years?
Give me a time you had a conflict on the communication and how did u overcame it?

Mkchai: did you get back from them?


Hey Dino,

What role did u apply for?


Hey dino,

thanks so much for this!

Were there any technical questions or anything like ‘what have you read in the markets’?

any chance of you elaborating slightly on mkchai’s reply of the questions they asked similar to how you have done it?

Many thanks!


also, following zwen’s comment, what position did you apply for? how long did it last for dino?

has anyone heard back yet?



Thanks very much for the sharing,dino