Societe Generale General Inspection


Anyone has experience in this application? I got written test for this Saturday. Help~~


Hi! Anyone applied for Socgen general inspection this year? Just got invited to the written test, there is a part called aptitude test, does anyone know is it like SHL? Numerical or verbal? Thanks a lot!


Hi, I have been invited for the 9th of February, u? I do not know anything exept what you can read on internet. Anyother info? @ Clair, shall we meet in Paris?


hello. i’ve got the written as well on the 9th. having the same problem here as theres no real info as to how to prepare for it. the appitude tests are of different types but managable i think. its the 3.5 hr written i’m wondering about. any info as to how to prepare for this ???


Hey guys,

Is anyone invited to the assessment center to Paris this April?
Do you have any idea what the written “verbal and logical” tests will consist of? Also any ideas of the second part of the assessment - the final oral test?

Any knowledge shared will be much appreciated and perhaps we meet up there : )