Societe Generale - any views?


Hi all,

I have a first interview with SocGen in London (in FIG - Financial Institutions Group). Do you have any background into the bank or this division in particular?

I know they’re making a big drive into M&A in particular with recent high-profile hires. I’m making a career move into IB (from management consulting). Whilst I won’t be too strong in modeling / valuation, I will be looking to play to my good knowledge of financial services sectors and the CEE & CIS regions, which I will probably be aligned to if I get in.

Any advice, tips would be most appreciated.




Is this for the M&A trainee position? When did you hear back re-interview?


Solid bank and group. There is a massive drive, like you said, into recruitment so if you get it I would take it. The future looks bright for them.


Silent Bob - no, this is not for the trainee position - it’s experienced hire.


SocGen has positions up on their websites that have long been filled. And the ratio applicant per position is about 100-1. Dont waste your time applying for internships there, unless you are/speak French and/or have a postgraduate degree in a quantitative subject.


i agree with WN, they don’t take anyone without a postgraduate degree


made about 20 apps since jan this yr for all sorts of FO internships/ trainee positions. been rejected from 4. the others are ‘still under consideration’. fml