Social Life in Accountancy


Hi hi…

I’ve always been interested in applying for accountancy but have consistently been shocked by stories of accountant’s lack of a social life. I think there was a survey last year which rated all jobs sectors in terms of coolness. Fashion came top, lawyers pretty low beating only accountants, who were the least cool of anyone! Can someone please tell me - are the stories true? If you become an account will you lose the rest of your life?!!

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Haha good question. The work is rubbish, there’s no denying that. BUT BUT BUT, when you join as a graduate, you are with hundreds of other graduates, and you all train together, and take exams together, and go out together, and get absolutely battered together. And best of all, more often than not, the firm pays for it.

Like I said, the work is rubbish, and the hours can be very long, and the exams need you to revise at weekends, all weekend, every minute of every day, but if you find friends in the firm, social life is ok.

Plus you get to do things you would otherwise never be able to afford to do, cause the firm is paying for it, e.g. quadbiking.