Socgen 2011 Summer Internship


Updates for those who have applied to any of SocGens summer intern programme.


Had phone interview about a month ago for ibd and heard nothing since.


Had one last week … Was told 3 days but no response yet.

Think they’re having AC for grad positions so we’d have to wait till mid Dec or early Jan


Same I had an phone interview for M&A and they sent me an email saying they were impressed with my performance but i havent heard since…its been like 2 months!


Yh I remember getting that “we were impressed” email. Abit of a misleading email actually lol


I’m pretty sure I got rejected.
My interview lasted 13 minutes since she wanted to keep it short and concise.


Did you get an email shortly after saying that they were impressed by your performance?


nope! ha


Anyone got HR phone number?
Worth seeing where we all are in terms of our progress.



let us know what they say


Only saw this post in the evening.
Call on Monday morning