So I got rejected by Deloitte. I have no idea why. What should I do next?


So I submitted my application for Audit to Deloitte about a month and a half ago for the summer 2010 intake and was rejected around a week later. I have 300 UCAS points from three reputable subjects and got a first class honors degree from a university of London uni (graduated in summer of 2009).

I really have no idea why they would reject me without a telephone interview. I tried to answer the questions as best I could and even got people to look over them. The only thing I can think of is maybe I applied to late?

Im really not too sure what I should do next. Should I wait and apply again for the same position? Or will that just result in another rejection? Maybe the rejection means I should apply for another position?

Any advice would be great.



It could be for many reasons

There are a LOT of good candidates out there and hundreds of people apply for each place

I think you should be looking to apply for other firms

In 12m you can try applying to deloitte again


Maybe when you submitted the application the office had vancancies however since that date they may of been filled. The recriutment wont give feedback on an intitial application. If you feel that your application was really strong you could ring and ask whether you werent advanced because the vancanies were filled, thus allowing you to reapply to another office instead of having to wait 12 month. Thats what I would do, dont get down beat sometimes it happens. All the best in your job hunting