So, I got a 2:2...


Recently I found out that my summer exam results were lower than I expected. This has resulted in me getting a 2:2 overall in my degree. Its an Accounting related degree in Manchester if that makes a difference. It was always touch and go as to whether i’d get a 2:1 but im still a bit gutted about it. And it seems like every other person I know has got a 2:1.

So, to put it bluntly…Am I screwed?

I’ve been repeatedly told the importance of a 2:1 over the last 3 years. Any accounting firm i’ve ever looked at has had an entry requirement of a 2:1 to even apply. So what do I do? I know it sounds a little extreme, but I feel ever so slightly like I’ve wasted 3 years.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Or have any ideas as to what to do?

A friend suggested doing a Masters, as that would then be seen as the most relevant qualification. But I even need a 2:1 to get into most of them.

Any ideas/ views/ opinions are welcome!


Which Manchester university?

You are not screwed but disadvantaged

Not every firm has a 2:1 requirement but a lot of the big ones do

You could try looking at some smaller firms and see if they offer places to people with a 2:2

Masters is debateable - most firms won’t care if you have a masters as you will fail the entry criteria on the first degree basis - also the intellectual level of professional accounting qualifications is the same so doing masters and a professional qualification can be seen as doubling up - usually better to do a masters later when you know which field you want to specialise in

ACA is mostly 2:1, but for ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA you will find more vacancies with 2:2 acceptable

Or you could do AAT now and progress onto another qualification later (or some other temp/basic finance job)

or you could look into another career


The University of Manchester.

I know it’s a good university, which is why I went there. But it seems now that it doesn’t matter how good the university you went to was if you didn’t get a 2:1.


for companies who want a 2:1 it doesn’t matter

but it might be an advantage against other people with a 2:2

what do you have in a levels?


ABB. Does that make a difference?

Im just really at odd’s over what to do now.

The plan was, if I got a 2:1…apply to loads of graduate recruitment schemes in september - october time, then hopefully if I got offered a place, head off travelling for a bit before starting the next september.

Now I just really don’t know what to do. Its like the avenue that I thought I was most likely going to take (Graduate Schemes) has been closed to me. And I don’t know what to do.


Only in that if someone else has a 2:2 and they have BBC you have an advantage over them possibly

well you can still try applying to schemes but maybe not the ones you were planning to but others with lesser requirements or start out in a more basic accounting/finance role


Hiya, I attended the uni of Manchester and graduated this year. I think you’ll be ok… lucky for you the uni has loads of careers fairs so I’d advise you to attend them and speak to the high-upers that attend. You have superior A-levels to what is usually required for accounting so if you could maybe explain why you got what you got to the relevant individuals (and collect contact details that they’d be happy to confirm on an application)- think of it as a would-be viva-voce!

All in all if you can show that there is more to you than your degree and this was just a blip in academia for you ie achieved great GCSE’s before the great A-levels and you were not just a poncy student relying on obtaining a 2:1 (I say this because I decided along time ago that if I was gonna be an average student I would be as well rounded as bloody possible and take on internships!) they could make acceptions.

I’m pretty sure a guy applied to Deloitte with a 2:2 and got through to interviews on the forum!! Just find attributes that set you appart from others, send out a few personalised applications and finally, maybe you’ll have to limit yourself to regional offices until you qualify (hopefully) as an accountant.

My A-levels were considerably lower than friends yet I was the only one able to secure several grad schemes… personality and tenasity will take you ALOT further than grades alone.

Good luck and don’t give up