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Smith & Williamson


Hello guys,

I am a recent MEng Mechanical Engineering graduate and in very interested to apply for a graduate job with Smith & Williamson. From a science backgroud, I do not know a big deal about the business world but it is certainly a field that I would like to go into after taking some elective business subjects back in university. I am in a bit of a dilemma right now because I do not know whether should I apply for Assurance & Business Services of Investment Management. I have read a lot regarding both of them online but I still can’t fully understand what do they actually do. Can any of you guys give me a bit of insight?

I need to improve my commercial awareness skills too. I tried to read some of the articles on FT but it is only limited to a maximum of 30 articles. Where can I really research and read the most recent news regarding the 2 deparments that I am interested in? Will it be enough just by reading the business section daily? Any inputs will be really helpful! PLEASE!



One more thing, no words limit are stated are stated on the application form. How many words should I be writing for each question? 200-300?


Most other application forms seem to state a max of 250 so I would say try to stick to that!


okok thanks! any input for my first post in this thread please?