Smith & Williamson -Phone interview

Smith & Williamson


has anyone had the phone interview for this year and can you post the question they asked you

never done one so fingers crossed on the 4th:)


I’ve got mine on Monday! What position are you applying for? I’m going for Investment Management.


ive got mine on friday.will let u know what they going for audit in their southampton branch


Had my interview this morning. It was really relaxed and not very difficult at all. Started off with just confirming the stuff you’ve put on your application form, then asks you about your a levels, university choices and any work experience. After that they ask why smith & williamson and why the particular programme, how you keep up with business issues and name an issue which interests you, how do you think you would cope with having to work and study at the same time, what do you know about the qualification. At the end she asked some HR questions like do you have a criminal record etc. and that was it! Lasted less than 30 mins in total and nothing really to worry about.


cool thanks for that glad to hear it went well.what business issue did you mention by the way?


I was supposed to have mine a couple of weeks ago, but I’m actually having it on Thursday morning. I applied for Investment Management too.


I talked briefly about the need for better regulations in the financial services industry. It could be absolutely anything though, I think the precise question was “can you tell me about a news story you have read recently that has interested you”. What I said was very brief and she didn’t ask any follow up questions. Basically they just want to know that you keep up to date with the news.


well had it today.its a quite friendly processs.shame i focused on doing so much advance work on it though.
you only get asked competnecy questions and pretty much got the same ones as plintveld.
only question which kind of stumbled me was tell us what u know about the firm-think they are angling more about news and not just what you have lifted from the website.


I wouldn’t be worried about their news, I looked up S&W news before my interview and there really wasn’t very much, I looked at the FT at stuff.


Has anyone heard back from their interview yet?


Hey…how long after taking the tests did they get back to you?


how long did it take for the tests invites??? I got an email saying that my application is on hold!


I had my telephone interview on monday last week and still haven’t heard back… even though she said I would hear back within a week. Has anyone heard back?


I reckon that they’re super busy and will get back to everyone together.

I heard about my interview 4/5 (I can’t exactly remember) days after I did the tests.


they got back to me in about a week.i first got an email saying they were very busy so my application was on hold


Hey plintveld had my interview and got told they would get back to me in a is when that week ends and still havent heard back.will be emailing them on monday regarding the application


I just heard back today, I’ve got an Assessment Centre in January.


also heard back today in the end. through to assesment only they have no days currently available


hi Hopeful IM, just wondering when in january your assesment center is. I also applied to IM but did so quite late so dont have my telephone interview until the 7th Jan - it seems they are really busy because i booked that a couple fo weeks ago and it was the first one they had!


Heard back today as well and through to the assessment day. tr226, at the moment the dates for the assessment centre are the 15th and 25th of January.