Smith & Williamson Phone Interview Help!

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I am doing a competency phone based interview in the next few days. This is my first one and I am really nervous about it. Could anyone give me any advice and tips on what to say and also how to go about preapring for it. I really want to pass this stage. Help Please!!!



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Hi everyone have a telephone interview this week and was wondering if anyone could help me with regards to the local and global issues affecting businesses that are small and large as well as any interesting news with regards to S&W- seems to be limited information out there on them. Much appreciated!


Hey, I have an interview with S&W next week and would appreciate any info you have on the questions they asked you!



hey guys,

im on the online test stage with SW but thought at after that stage, it was straight to AC, as it says on their website under FAQs, how long is this telephone interview and it is a new recruitment stage?