Smith & Williamson-Assesment day

Smith & Williamson


Can anyone let me know if they have done this or if they know what happens on the day?



I think there’s some old posts on the boards somewhere if you do a search. I wonder are we going to be told in advance or do we just turn up on the day. What date are you going?


ive got the 12th of january in their offive in london.all i got told is i have to be there at 9:45.reclon we redo the numerical and verbal reasoning questions and then a group task.not sure it even says what time we finish so bit unsure on what time to book my ticket back


I don’t know either, but mine’s on a Friday. So I’m thinking of staying the night and spending Saturday with some of my friends in London. Do they make you redo numerical and verbal? A lot of people must cheat if they feel the need to do that. Where are you coming from?


im coming from southampton so travelling wont be too bad.finding the office is going to be a feeling the main door is down a pedestrian road .cant seem to find the actual entrance on google maps


so have u done it yet?would really appreciate knowing any pointers for the intray exercise


Sorry, I haven’t done it yet, mine is this Friday. You’re probably at the AC as I type. Do let me know how you get on. I’ve my fingers crossed for you :slight_smile:



well we went way other the time limti they set us. day starts with a director telling you about the company. u then get to do a case study in a group where u need to think of a product that is both technological and can be exported. there are some limitations in place for this. then u redo numerical and verbal in paper. u have around 31 for numerical to do in 35 minutes. very similar to their online ones.make sure u wear a watch to know how much time u have otherwise u have to rely on the hr person teling u the time. its finished of with an intray exercise. this is again written and u have to read 11 emails and asses what u r going to do each day. takes around 1hour to do and that includes the reading time. make sure u read it all through as we all got to the item 4 and found we had to change all our plans.hope urs goes k



I have my AC coming in the next week or so and i wanted to know if they make you undertake the intray only or do they make you write down like long answers on the written exercises mentioned on this website?? I’m kind of scared as i wouldn’t mind doing the intray exercises but i don’t know what to expect in the other one. Any suggestions on what they can ask you for the written exercise?? Any support would be greatly appreciated.