Smith & Williamson 2017 Graduate Intake

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I have an assessment centre coming up with Smith & Williamson in January 2017, and noticed that there wasn’t an up to date thread on Wikijob about S&W’s grad programme.

So feel free to help other candidates out by providing insights about your experiences through the application process.

BTW if anyone has an AC with Smith & Williamson on the 25th of January, get in touch :).



I’ve had an AC with Smith & Williamson and progressed to the first interview. It was relatively hard.

The day starts with a repeat of the verbal and numerical tests. The verbal was easy, the numerical much, much harder than their online test. However, no one finished it and the graduates you talk to at lunch reassure you that it is just set at a stupidly hard level to see how you cope. Only 1/6 failed it.

Then there is a group exercise. Mine was about prioritising different investments for a new business. Just be confident and explain your ideas with clarity. In mine, we went massively over budget because of the belligerence of one of the team members, but I still progressed because I felt I spoke confidently and assuredly throughout.

The day finishes with a written exercise in which you have to summarise to a partner numerous emails and bits of information regarding a potential client. It is straightforward, just make sure you leave enough time to plan it all. Make sure you relate it back to the 3 key points that you are given in the brief.

Luckily I’ve accepted an offer with Deloitte, because from what the graduate recruitment officer said about the interview, they expect a lot of preparation and it sounded quite intense.


Thanks for your insight. I’m not really worried about the numerical. With regards to the group exercise, how were you being assessed? I’m assuming there was one member of HR for each candidate? Also after the assessment centre am I right in assuming that the next stage is a final partner interview?


It was assessed by 2 members of HR. There were 6 of us. I guess you are assessed on your confidence, clarity and inclusion of others. I know that I was particularly confident and included others when others were steaming ahead.

No, there is an interview then a final partner interview. The first interview is, apparently, all to do with your motivation for your service line and Smith and Williamson. The final interview is more commercial awareness based.


See I don’t understand that. Why the need for such a long winded process. I’ve not even seen that from the likes of the big four.


It’s only one stage longer than the Big 4. Deloitte has 2 interviews (with a semi-AC on the same day as 1) and EY have an AC then interview. I’m glad I’ve got the Deloitte offer, to be honest, as the graduate recruitment officer really did suggest it was an intense interview process.


Did she elude to what was so challenging about the interview process? I’m sure preparation is key, and the AC is bound to be a more challenging process than the interview(s) right?


I think she just warned it is a grilling. Preparation is key obviously but it sounded very intense.


I’m keen to make the most of every possible grad opportunity so i think approaching it with a positive outlook and being prepared should put me in good stead. So you didn’t take up the interview offer then?


No - I had an offer from Deloitte so declined the interview with S&W as I work full-time, so it would have been an extra day off/holiday.