Smith and Williamson Assessment day


Hi everyone, does anyone have any experience with Smith and Williamson? I have an assessment centre coming up in a few weeks and there is barely any information on their website about what the day will consist of.
Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi Louise,

I have an AC tomorrow. When is yours?
There is probably little information on the internet as there is not much you can prepare for it. It seems that its all competence tasks


Hi Tom, mines next week. In the email they sent me it just says a group exercise and written assessment, so you’re probably right in that you can’t really prepare for those. What’s yours for? Good luck for tomorrow!


How was your AC in the end?


Yeah, it went pretty well I think.


Hi Tom, I have an assessment centre for Investment Management coming up and was wondering what your day consisted of? Any tips would be great!!


has anyone heard from the assessment day yet? I had mine 2 weeks ago, and still no news!


Hello Tom, I believe I was sat next to you at our assesment centre last friday, have you heard anything back yet? I can’t remember what they said, was it that we would get an email for rejection and telephone call for an invitation to the next round?


Yh that what they said to me. I had mine on the 12th October. They said they will let us know within the week but no reply.

Who else was at the London assessment centre and applying for Guildford Audit.

Hopefully they have not forgot :(.

Any updates from anyone?


Hello Singhcent,

I was in the same assessment day as you, and I still haven’t heard.

I called them, and they said that they have been really busy etc. “Should be soon”


Hi everyone. I had my assessment centre on the 12th and they only just got back to me. The HR lady said they’ve been extremely busy at the moment.


Hey, MH123,

Did you find out in the end if you made it through?


Hey guys, how did you find the assessment centre? What did you have to do for the group exercise or the written assessment? I’d be interested to hear feedback on that. Thanks!


Hi glp1,

I found the assessment centre very different from others I’ve attended. There are no 1 on 1 interviews. You start the day meeting the other applicants and then go straight into a presentation given by one of the directors. Our director seemed like a really nice guy who enjoyed his job. At the end there is an opportunity for questions, make sure you ask some as they definitely speak about you after even if it’s not assessed! Try to ask questions about the business rather than the training scheme.
You then have verbal and numeracy tests, which if you don’t pass, you can’t progress to the later points of the day. Only one person in our group didn’t get through. Lunch is a sandwich spread with some current grads, very interesting to see their actual view of the scheme.
After lunch you have an etray exercise, try to be concise and not waffle, just give the necessary information.
Following this is the group exercise, take on other people’s ideas and apply things youve learnt during the day to your overall decision.

I managed to progress to the next stage, hope this helps and good luck!


Cheers for the advice jegcook. Any chance you can elaborate on the etray exercise? I thought it was a written assessment in the form of answering various questions. Is it the type of exercise where you have to plan your day out and respond to e-mails?

Well done on getting through to the next stage - good luck for that!


No worries. Firstly, you can’t prepare for it do don’t get stressed about it. You’re q given a pof data and an email and you have to make a recommendation based on it. Not too hard, just don’t fall into the trap of writing too much. They want you to be concise. Can’t really tell you anything that will be of great help, don’t worry about it. Instead prepare your verbal and numeracy, because they will send you home and you won’t even be able to take the etray.


Hi jegcook,

Thanks for the info about the AC. Any chance you could elaborate on what the group exercise consisted of?




Has anyone heard back about the telephone interviews?


I have a final round interview coming up for investment management…does anyone have any advice or tips? they haven’t given me any indication of what to expect!