Smith and Williamson 2010


Has anyone else got through to an assessment centre with Smith and Williamson yet? I thought we could all bring our thoughts together to help each other out? So when has everyone got an assessment centre booked for? Are they running them before xmas? I have applied to the investment management stream…


I’ve been invited for the investment assessment centre too, the HR lady I spoke to said they’re aiming to run one towards the end of the month and haven’t had any as yet.


any advice for the telephone interview?


Hey guys,
I had telephone interview with S&W for tax at the end of October and was told a couple of weeks ago that my application is “now on hold following on from the telephone interview”. Did this happen to anybody?

greentopink: there’s really nothing to worry about with the phone interview, they just go over your education and employment info, then I was asked some competency questions covering teamwork and leadership, and then about a recent news article. I was also asked about other firms I had applied to. Hope that helps!


It didnt happen to me no… I should imagine for that graduate scheme they are waiting until they have interviewed everyone so that they can compare your credentials… I wouldnt worry about it too much. If they didnt like your application they would have rejected you straight away!

Telephone interview is very standard but they pushed me for lots of examples of teamwork and you cant use the same one as you did in the application… all about building relationships and what you learnt! Focus on ‘I’ not ‘We’

Best of luck


Have an assessment day on Wed 1st Dec 2010… wealth management! Who knows what to expect or is this the first of the year? Who else has got one?


hi, am i correct in thinking that the a/c does not actually involve an interview as such? (that is the next round?)

also are you allowed to use calculators for the numerical at a/c?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


There is no interview and yes you are generally allowed to use a calculator at most centre and it will be provided for you, but if you want bring your own because sometimes the ones they supply are like the ones you get from a christmas cracker.


anyone heard back from the AC?


No havent heard a thing my end… kinda told myself that successful people would find out today and unsuccessful ones tomorrow… doh! Lets hope what I told myself wasnt the case… presuming you havent heard back jimmahi?


I just heard- through to final!


just heard back and got through


does anyone know how many grads they are taking on this year?


well done jimmahi and europa… we asked in our group exercise yesterday and the lady didnt let much on… she just said that it changes over the course of the year… past grads said intakes ranged from 3 to 5… so hoopefully five i guess


Thanks, have you heard anything yet? I have my fingers crossed for you!


No nothing yet… will keep you informed but presume successful people are told today. Have you been booked into an interview slot for next week? Best of luck with preparing for that… I am preparing for a partner interview with another firm right now and it is far more intense than any other stage even though they say you have done all the hard work!


jimmahi and europa i have my a/c in a couple of weeks? any advice on what to expect?


Does anyone know what the grad salary is?


Stupid me… siutting here wondered why GR never got back to me to find a voicemail on my home phone number (I changed my records to this for the sake of the telephone interview). WIll give them a call on Monday to find out. Anyone else heard whether they have been successful or not? Europa and jimmahi, did they follow through and book your interview for this week? Best of luck guys if they have!


Yeah they call and invite you for the interview with some feedback. I have mine this week. Cheers, hope you got through too!