small/boutique banks


does anyone know where I can find information/a list of small banks and m&a boutiques, away from the beaten track of all the usual student career guides etc?


We have a list of small/medium/large banks here - [[list of investment banks]] - which should give you some names for google searching. Not much information on small banks on WikiJob yet though…


You can find a pretty good list at the LIBA website. They’re the London Investment Banking Association, and many of the merchant banks are members. The only problem is that they don’t have any structured graduate schemes, so you will probably have to send out a speculative CV, or talk to somebody from HR.

Best of luck.


Have you got a link to that list HTale?


I just had a look at the list of investment banks on here. Scratch what I said, that’s actually a pretty comprehensive list, and probably has all the LIBA members. I’ll give the link nonetheless, because they have links to their websites too:


There’s a smaller investment manager I worked for called [[Alliance Bernstein]]. They were very good to me, so I’d like to plug them here if you’re looking for somewhere to apply.


Hey Chrism, I am really lookin for a place like this 2 work in, can u plz help me out? How did u get to know abt this firm and how did u manage to get a job in here? Can u also let me know if you know any person in this firm? Thanx


Hey all,

managed to find a decent list: