Slaughter & May Application Help?

Slaughter And May

Hi team! …new poster here -don’t even think about hazing me!- I’e got a serious question about law firms - Slaughter and May to be precise!

I’m a English Lit graduate with a 2.2 degree from a reputable institution (Birmingham) and I’m now considering a switch to law (not just for 2 more years of uni. also for the cash :D).

Anyway, I know that S&M is just about one of the best and best paying firms in London and I wanted to know if there would be any chance of me getting an interview with them-despite my 2.2.

I’m not retarded -the 2.2 was the price paid for too many late night sessions on an xbox- …and have AAB for A Level French, German and Maths. I also speak some spanish and some portugese and my GCSE’S were either A or A*s.

So, essentially, is there any point me applying to S&M without the 2.2? If you know any good, high paying firms that do take on 2.2 xbox fans, I’d appreciate a point in teh right direction too :rolleyes:



Not sure mate!!! …think you’d have to be ultra persuasive somehow. They get about 25 applications per place, so they have to be quite ruthless in getting rid of applicants with sub-standard grades, etc. Your pre-uni grades are excellent however… I suppose the worst an application would do is tear you away from your Xbox… :D:D:D


Did you see the wikijob profiles for slaughter and may?


Sorry, almost no chance unless you are outstanding in some other area.
Also, drop the ampersand, they don’t like that.


Hi everyone,
I have heard a lot about Slaughter & May being really Oxbridge bias? Is this fair?
I am predicted a first doing history at Cardiff University. Is there point of applying?


i know a guy who got a traineeship for slaughter and may next year, not oxford or cambridge grad but got a first class in a highly reputable university and have been winning academic awards and honourable awards every year.

this shows the kind of background S&M are looking for…