Slaughter and May HOW LONG?

Slaughter And May

Wondering if anyone knows how long they take to get back for:

a. An offer
b. A rejection

I was told a week or so, but I get the impression that’s for a rejection and that an offer will be much quicker.

Any info welcome!


How long has it been since your interview? Offers are generally made within 48 hours, but can sometimes take longer. The economic situation might be delaying things. If you’ve been waiting longer than a week, it’s not at all wrong to give them a call and find out!


Wow, similar usernames (unintentional - sorry!)

Had the interview at the very end of last week…

Not looking good.


Hey yeah! My picture’s still better though :p.

You did well just to get the interview at Slaughters. How was it out of interest - what happened? Did you get just the partner interview or was there more to it?

Hold on until the end of the week. Then call them!


Two partners, both very charming, I probably talked too much and without enough analysis. Am gutted. But I suppose there is still a tiny chance.


I found out (3 weeks after my interview) that the lady from HR had tried to get in contact with my reference the same day as my interview, and continued to do so every day for about three days until she was succesful.
Once she had spoke to my reference, I was offered a TC the same day, and she also apologised for taking so long to get back to me. (It was only 3 working days - which wasn’t long at all!)

However, I have friends who had to wait varying lengths of time for an offer, so don’t give up hope!!


Did you accept 2jammy? When do you/did you start?!


Yes I did! Sept 2010 x


Congratulations!! Where else did you interview at? Any tips you can give us for any other law firms interview processes?!


I actually only applied there. Was going to apply for others if I didn’t get it.
Have put my interview experience on the Slaughter and May Interview thread. Hope it helps someone :slight_smile:


It probably has already! …nice one. Are you studying GDL now then? Or LPC with a deferred year?


I had my interview on the 16th… Still haven’t heard!!
I am freaking out… Should I ring them, or wait? I suppose not hearing yet is “good” since I’ve received no rejection email yet!!


A rather unusual questions, I suspect:

Whilst many have heard back that offers from Slaughters come within 3 days, I was wondering how long they take to reject you?


It’s pretty much always different. It’s not like they wait for a designated period and then call to slate you - they’ll be some people they’ll call straight after interview (if they liked you and want you) some people they call after a few days (if they need to discuss you a bit more or are too busy to call the candidates) and some people they call after a while (perhaps they liked you a bit but there were lots of other good candidates too.

If you’ve been waiting longer than two weeks you should be calling them to find out what’s going on.

Good luck!


Thank you for your advice.

My friend had her interview 2 weeks ago and has yet to be advised either way - but she still receives personalised emails from HR advising that a decision will be forthcoming “soon”. She simply thinks that they are waiting to reject everyone only at the end of interviewing all candidates.

In fairness, although she loves the firm, I think she feels somewhat slighted by not being told either way. As someone who has done various internships with investment banks, waiting for anytime longer than 48 hours to hear back (either way) is truly shocking.

The whole process seems rather strange. But it is a truly fantastic firm - even as someone with offers in banking, I admire it.


Yeah. It is a great firm. The people who work their are scarily sharp. You’re right though… not a good show from their HR on this… !


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I was wondering if anyone who heard after three working days still got offered the position?
Also, I was wondering if successful/unsuccessful people were met by the HR boss or the assistant after the interview and tour? I was met by the assistant so I am wondering if this means they decided immediately that they wouldn’t hire me.
Anyone who has had an interview recently, I would really appreciate details of the aftermath!!
I know I should be patient but I really want to know. I wish they rejected you immediately if that is what they intend to do…