Sky vs Asda


Hi folks, wasn’t quite sure which forum to put this in but as it concerns a Graduate CIMA Finance role I thought I’d whack it in here.

I’ve been jammy enough (I personally think alot of this graduate recruitment is down to luck/who interview you/what mood they’re in on the day etc.) to be offered a place on the graduate schemes of both Sky and Asda for the Finance areas. Both are 3 year placements, with varied placements and full support and training for the CIMA qualifications, and start on 23k per year. Sky is in London and Asda is in Leeds. With Sky I’d get free Sky, but with Asda I’d get 10% of all shopping.

So as you can see there’s not a lot to seperate them. So I was wondering if anyone had opinion or reasons why one of these schemes may be better than the offer, based on the reputation for graduate recruitment and as a CIMA employer, work culture etc. The only measure I have is the time top 100 graduate employer list, which has Sky slightly higher than Asda, but I’m not quite sure I can trust how that list is compiled anyway and it changes quite a bit year on year (apart from the top 4). So anybody out there with any interaction with these companies? Even perhaps anyone on the schemes at the moment? Help a girl out!



hey,i know its been a long time since you posted this ,but can you help me with the assessment center for finance for sky especially the presentation as to hw to go about it.

thanks :slight_smile:


Any advice for the sky telephone interview?



thats for the finance scheme too by the way