Sky Telephone and Face-to-Face Interview


So, I had an interview with sky and was searching all over internet for help and…found nothing! So here you are, anyone got an interview with sky this will probably help you :smiley:
I applied online for a role in a contact centre for a Sales Advisor. Got a call the next day to say they’d like to have a telephone interview with me. They organised a time to call which is suitable for both of us, and we decided to do it in about 3 hours time. I paniced, didnt know what they were going to ask, prepared lots of answers for questions like “describe a time you gave great service” etc… So a few hours later I get the phone call. It is NOTHING to be scared of. Its not even an interview. The lady was very friendly, she just confimed I could work the hours, confirmed my address, asked if i had any holidays booked, asked if i was ok to pay a £25 fee for a criminal record check which would then be refunded, and then asked me when I would be available to go in for an assessment day.
My assessment day was 10 days later so I had lots of time to prepare for it. The thought of an “assessment day” really scared me as i thought it would be like lots of people, a group interview and some assessments. It wasnt. It was just me and another applicant. We got a tour of the building which lasted like 5 minutes. They took our documents (passport, ni number) and then i had a face to face interview. It was basic questions like “describe a time you gave excellent service beyond customers expectation”, “why do you want to work for sky”, “what can you bring to the team that no one else can”, “describe a time you coached someone who was struggling”, “describe a time you had to meet a deadline” and then after these it was mini questions like “what did you learn from it” and “why did you choose that method” etc. It lasted about 30 minutes.
I then had to do a role play. They gave me an information pack (about 5 sheets of a4 paper) which had information on prices, mixes, channels, sky boxes, installation costs etc. They left the room and I had 20 minutes to go through it all and read it. There was also a basic script which had stuff like “answer phone, greet, say company name, say your name, offer help”. He gave me a practise phone call first, and the next 2 I was being assessed on. It was stuff like “hello i’d like to add a channel” and you just have to ask questions like “ok what kind of channel are you looking for” and then he will say i like listening to music, so you say ok we have a music mix its just a pound extra every month…etc etc. And then you confirm the price and everything and then end the phone call. The second phone call was “i’d like to cancel my subscription” and you have to ask questions like “why do you want to cancel” and try find them an alternative solution. you are being assessed on your telephone manner, and how you handle the situation. its quite straight forward however can be quite hard as you have lots of bits of paper that you have to fiddle around with to get information so i was panicing a bit. and saying “erm…” “erm…” when I was looking for a certain piece of paper haha. The role plays lasted about 15 minutes.

Anyway…my interview was yesterday and the told me I will hear from them in 7 days. Hope i get it, looked very nice and chilled, everyone was in their own clothes etc. Wish me luck!!!


Thanks for the info, so did you get the job?


Thank you very much for the useful info. I have applied for Customer Engagement Specialist position for NowTV. I have an interview with SKy on 7 Nov 2012 at their assessment centre and was wondering what the day would be like. The HR person whom I spoke to, said that it would be Group and Individual Exercises which would last up to 4 hours. I hope my day goes smoothly. Can I get any more help on this to put me at ease… how to perform? I mean, what would they expect? any more questions asked? Cheers :slight_smile:


Hmm…Done with my Interview at Sky Office for Customer Engagement Specialist. Firstly, they took our documents. Then we were asked to type a Blog on any topic related to movies for up to 20 mins. We had live chat for 10 mins with their agents. After that we had to type our intro for 30 mins. A short break of 5 mins. They returned our documents and informed us we would receive a mail with the outcome.


pisceancat so did you get the job? I have an interview this week and I am already nervous. Someone help me pls!


Did you get the job? How many people came for the interview that day?


Did u get the job?


Yes I got the job…had to wait ages to start…awesome place to work!! X


I have the assessment day tomorrow, have you got any advice. Thanks.


which scheme did u apply? u seem to have received quick response. I applied back in October for finance scheme but still haven’t heard anything…


hello peps! i just came home from my sky assessment and i am gutted to know i have not been successful in this occasion. I will write a lot tommo as i am extremely tired, my advice to all, please do not waste your money to travel to the sky assessment centre, energy or time the work you put in you will achieve nothing believe me and trust me i will tell you everything soon, keep an outlook for my post. They assessors some are friendly and some are fucking hardcore, all the job requires is a fucking dish to be installed and require face to face customer service, not build a rocket!!! i think they are using all of our details and getting some kind of funds from government for carrying these activities. any ways keep checks on.
chat soon guys


Dear All, I have my telephonic interview today hope it will go well.
post is Sky store planner.


Dear All,
I had my F2F interview at Sky office they has asked me to wait to hear for 7 days but its 15 days now i have not heard anything form them.
when I am tracking my application it still shows interview confirmed only nothing has changed what can I do now??


Sorry for such late response…I did not get this job. Never mind,may be because there was something else in store for me…I got a job at Santander Bank. Currently working there and really satisfied and content :slight_smile:


Hi, i know that this is an incredibly old post…Did you get the job? i have my interview next week (telephone interview)

Thanks, i know this was off many years ago its the only forum i kind find with a good detailed advise.


Well no, me and many others were told we were not successful; on the same day. Only very few were selected for next stage. So, i don’t know what happened after that…However, i’m currently working for Santander and very happy to be working here


I also have telephone interview coming up and i was wondering if you had time to tell me how it went for you? What kind of questions they asked etc? It would be much appreciated.


Hi everyone. Does anyone know if the Sky assessment day is still much the same as detailed in the original post here?


I am expecting a telephone call soon now to arrange a phone interview for connectivity expert. I was also looking for help online and found your feedback. I know it’s for a different position, so maybe a little different.


What are you doing at Santander, sorry this is years later.