Sky Technology Telephone Interview


Hi all,

I’ve got a Sky technology graduate programme telephone interview coming up on Monday, I was wondering if anyone has had their telephone interview and if so what kind of questions come up and how did it go?

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Sorry I’ve just seen this message now! If you haven’t already had your interview, then best of luck. If you have, how did it go? I’ve been offered an interview for the marketing scheme, however the online booking system is incredibly annoying. Everytime I log in it claims there are no slots available to book an interview, despite being offered one from grad recruitment. This seems an incredibly stupid way to cut down candidates and, indeed, I can’t actually believe that they would do so in this way! How easy was it for you to book a slot?




Had my interview today, went fairly well the guy was quite easy going. It lasted around 25 minutes. There was hardly any generic questions like Why do you want to work for sky and Why should we choose you? It was more of questions relating to your graduate programme (my one being technology so questions like what is Sky’s greatest technological creation thus far?), followed by two competency questions and then a chance for you to ask questions.