Sky Technology Graduate Scheme 2016 - Assessment Centre Dec 9th


Hello! Anyone else got invited to the Assessment centre next wednesday? Any previous candidates from previous years that can provide me with some tips and advice for the day? Many thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there, just wondering when did you apply for this scheme? I applied just before the deadline and haven’t heard anything regarding my application. Also good luck with the AC :slight_smile:


Have you heard anything back yet? Its nathan from the assessment centre lol. Was searching to see if anyone had wrote that they had been offered it yet …


unfortunately you would have been too late. Unlucky mate


I applied at the end of Oct. And the acs were held last week… however they may hold additional ac in January if they haven’t made all the offers yet.


Hey! No I still haven’t heard anything… My hopes are not high


You never know haha. Although i feel the same … Keep me posted on the outcome and good luck


Hi All,

Has anyone had a Skype Interview for the Finance Graduate Scheme?