Sky Technology Graduate Scheme 2012


I recently applied to the Technology Scheme for Sky. I received an email on the 22nd of December informing me that I had been invited for a telephone interview and that I’d to arrange it via the website. I checked the website numerous times a day and the invitation remained “pending” rather than “open” and there were never any timeslots available to choose. I assumed that interviews were not yet being scheduled because the application process was extended til the 3rd January. However, now when I try to access the page it tells me “The amount of time to access and fill out this questionnaire has expired”. I’m now worried that I’ve missed my opportunity at an interview, despite checking back regularly for timeslots. Hoping it’s just an error with the site. I’ve emailed Sky but am awaiting a reply. Anyone else had any similar issues?


I booked a telephone interview with no problems.


@Craigmac, I’m having the same problem as well. I have also sent them tonnes of mails but to no avail. I tried calling but ended up being pushed around. i hope it’s just a glitch on their system.


Has anybody been invited to an assessment centre yet?


@idy, Did you apply to the Livingston post or London post? I applied to Livingston, maybe it’s that post specifically that is having the issue?


@ Craigmac. I applied to the Scotland centre. Any updated from them?


Nope, haven’t heard a thing, that’s been a few days now with no reply. Wonder what’s going on. Hopefully it’s just a site error that will get sorted. Might try and phone them tomorrow if I still don’t hear anything.


I have also applied to the technology scheme at Livingston and have had the exact same problem as you. I’ve emailed them a few times but no replies so far either. Glad to know I’m not the only one and hopefully it will get sorted out soon!


Anyone heard anything yet? That’s been a week since I first emailed them and still not heard a thing back…


Still not heard anything either. I did emailed them about a different problem back in November and it took a week to get a reply so hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we know what’s going on.


Anyone heard any news? This is getting ridiculous now. 2 weeks of constant emails and still nothing. I can’t even find any phone numbers to phone. Hope we haven’t missed our chance at an interview.


I know! It would be really cool working at Sky but they clearly aren’t good at communication! I said in my last email just to let me know even if they hadn’t sorted the problem yet, just to let me have some sort of response. I think the only phone number on their website is for sky customers regarding product problems but that could potentially get transferred to the right place but it does cost to call the number though!


Hi All,

Iv got sky telephone interview this week. I applied for the Software Engineering Academy role. Do you guys know what specific questions they’ll ask? and any Advice for the interview.

Thanks in Advance.


That’s cool man, hopefully you can get some answers for us then! When did you see the 30th of December as an available date? In all the times I checked the website there was never ANY available date at all. My invitation always just said “Pending”. So frustrating.


The application process was extended til the 3rd of January too…so assuming it takes them around 2-3 weeks to get back to most people who submit application forms it doesn’t make sense that they’ve stopped scheduling interviews so soon. Hope it gets sorted out.


I got my e-mail to schedule an interview on the 21st of December and when I checked it there were 4 slots available for the 30th of December (I was working that day so couldn’t go for any of them). I sent them an e-mail that day asking when they expected other slots to become available but no reply…

I checked again on the 22nd of December and they were all gone but the site said that new dates would become available - from that point all I got was the ‘pending’ message then the site shut down a few weeks later.


Hi folks.

I’m in the exact same position - I applied for the technology grad scheme (Scotland) - got an e-mail inviting for a telephone interview (only day available was the 30th of December which wasn’t suitable).

Like everyone else, I’ve been e-mailing every few days without response and now the site is closed.

I actually work for sky customer services in Dunfermline at the moment and I’ve asked my boss to chase this up for me since then but they have also been unable to get any more information for me.

My boss said that recruitment didn’t come back to work after Christmas until the 9th of December but they have yet to respond to any e-mail and there is no direct telephone number for them. I’m currently trying to get the contact details of someone from recruitment and if I hear any news I’ll pass it on ASAP.

Oh yeah - customer services won’t be able to pass you to anyone in recruitment if you phone up - they’re a back office team.



Any news yet? Starting to think it’s a lost cause…


Finally heard back from them. They’re aware of the difficulties people have been having arranging interviews. They’re going to review all candidates who should have received interviews and will be arranging them in due course!


That’s awesome news.

My boss actually managed to get hold of someone in talent resourcing and passed on this web address to show that this was obviously an issue affecting a lot of people but I’m not sure if she had heard anything back yet - or if that’s how they became aware of the problem.

I was really starting to lose hope if I’m honest but that’s great news that at least one of us has heard back and that they are aware of the issue…

All the best to everyone with the interviews BTW - hopefully everyone who was waiting for one will get scheduled in.