Sky Technology Graduate Scheme 2011


I decided to create this forum for all applicants for the Sky Technology Graduate 2011.

I have done the online test and awaiting for the next stage.

Got an email saying that the have received my results and will get back to me soon.


Nice one Droiden. Same here. Not sure what is going on. Anyone heard anything different?


hi Guys,

first of all, gud luck with ur test results and any further processes ie AC.

Could u pls tell me what test was it? is this personality test or analytical or logical reasoning etc etc? and any tips for the test as well pls.

i did apply for SC grad scheme and still waiting for them to get back to me. received an email yesterday that my application is still in que waiting for consideration. lets see…


I applied in November, got a mail a while ago saying they are still reviewing my application, then got a mail inviting me for tests about 2 weeks ago which I have done, havent heard from them since


@ Aimyx: could U pls tell me what kind of test was it and any tips for preparing that?



Its the usual stuff you can practise on SHL.


yeah, usually the kind of test u can do on, verbal assessment was easy and OK…the numerical was OK too but got quite difficult towards the end…there were abt 18 questions…


Hi anyone invited to the AC yet? been waiting ages after the telephone interview


hiya, could you possibly tell me about what the telephone interview is like? cheers mate!


it was about 30 mins and just competencies and y u wanna work for sky. pretty straight forward cant remember d competencies now sorry lol


it was about 30 mins and just competencies and y u wanna work for sky. pretty straight forward cant remember d competencies now sorry lol


thank you :slight_smile: no worries, they are on the website so. cheers! :slight_smile:


Hi, I received an email invitation today for the AC on the 19th. Has anyone else got that email? I am kinda nervous, its my 1st AC :o


@ StevieG

What programme did you apply for?


Technology Graduate Scheme.


anyone going for the technology scheme assessment centre on the tue 18th jan??


i’ll be there, anyone staying over in livvie and fancy getting some breakfast before heading out to the site? my first AC too so kind of nervous but at least i’m getting some practice in with tesco bank tomorrow!!

see you cats there x


Anyone going in for the procurement programme? got an assesment day on the 25th.


Hello everybody, Hope you are well, How is the applications for sky coming along?

I have applied to the the sky finance (gaming and betting) scheme and got one of the latest phone interviews on friday 28th Jan :slight_smile:

How is your applications coming along?

Has anybody done the phone interview lately? How did it go? Could you point me in the right direction or do you remember any of the specific questions they asked as it would help my preperation.

thanks for your help

kind regards



I did the assesment centre/final stage yesterday. was actually quite good fun, especially the tour around Sky iteself and all the studios.

For my phone interview although for procurement they asked.

  1. why procurement is improtant to sky? … so trade that with finance.
  2. Tell me a time you led a group creatively.
  3. tell me a time something went wrong, how did you deal.

good luck