SKY Software Engineering Accademy


Hi All,

So I’ve just had my email with my Unattended Test attached. PROBLEM I’m a .NET guy with NO experience with PHP/GRAILS/RUBY or anything like that. Did anyone else submit their test in another technology? What was the outcome? Im sure if I didn’t have my daily commitments and a bit more than five days I could look around and cobble something together but as it stands now…sheesh!!


Was it the league table? I did it and I got an Interview soon. You can do it in any language,


That’s a relief to know. I was fuguring they might not keep an asp server since they’re into open source stuff :P.


And yeah, league table.


You finished it? I got the email after the deadline (spam folder) they still accepted it.


going to do it tonight. got until 15th so not much pressure, well…it would be if i used php or whatever. Funny thing is my final 3rd year windows apps module assesment was similar to this. I was surprised to read other threads on this where people have already been to assesment centre etc. I pressumed it was all being done at the same time. But then I guess there are thousands of people going for this. Not holding out a great deal of hope but it’s good experience.


BTW…what technology did you use?


Hi all, i got an email as well on Friday for this unattended test. What actually gets me is how can i use xml if im doing javascript on wordpad/notepad. Sorry for such a weird question its just that i havn’t worked on the basics since a few years, in my final year now so doing lots of SQLite and java coding.



I did mine on php. My friend currently works there - he said they are more focused on web development, javascript, ruby, python. It can be done with Java. Good luck. I got Interview soon.


Hi SGE, thanks for that. Good luck with your interview.


Hi SGE, did you make use of a database when developing the program.


nope- No need since you are using XML. I stored data in xml file and using DOM to write to the main file when uploading the new data,




I wrote mine in PHP and JQuery, got through to the telephone stage now, which is this friday! Help, what to expect?


@nandosjuicy: keep a good knowledge of your code, ur passion fr technology,wat influenced u to choose d role…nd few more competencies oriented questions.


Hi, is anyone invited to the assessment centre for the coming thursday i.e. 26th apr?


@vanni: r u invited? when did u hav ur telephonic interview?


has any1 been invited for sky s/w ac this month??


Did you end up getting the job in the end?
Also would I be able to get your code so I could see where I am going wrong?