Sky Interview Wednesday 4th April

Virgin Media



Wonder if anybody had an interview lately for home service field engineer and could give any advice about the day.

I currently work for virgin media and looking at moving over to sky so luckily i found a job close by to me on their website, i applied for it did my online test passed it, phone interview week later and passed that 6 people i know about didnt get through to the assessment day as they failed their phone interview seems i was the only one to pass this.

Its playing on my mind abit wednesday as i want out of virgin media and want to start a fresh for a new company and earn better salary and benefits.

Ive got my print out through saying

  1. Team excersise last time i went to sky it was building something out of mecanno but this was for another job role inside sky.
  2. Strenghths Interview - Any idea what sort of things are asked ?
  3. Role Play exercise - somebody said it was an interviewer being an angry customer and you had to show how to deal with him professionally at all times - is this true ?
  4. Last one is a scenario exercise i hear this is 5 scenarios by 5 different people - is this also true.

Since the take over of virgin by liberty global they are not the nicest to work for so im trying my very hardest on wednesday to secure my role with sky

current 5 years experience as a telcoms engineer