SKY Graduate Scheme (Supply Chain) - Scotland 2011


I thought to start a page for those who have applied for Sky Graduate Scheme (Supply Chain) 2011.

Please introduce yourself and a brief on your background.

I applied a while back and still waiting for the outcome on the application. received email stating that my application is still held in que for consideration.

I’ve professional background of retail and administration/project management and academically engineer with Masters degree in Business Administration.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



I applied to HR

but still haven’t heard anything,

Have you tried getting in contact?



I am not sure about HR but I know that the deadline for SC was 13th Dec which is little after other Grad schemes. as they were dealing with other schemes, they took little while (about 10 days) after the deadline to get back to me and asked me to do the online SHL test. Done that just before Xmas and now waiting to hear from them.

I am assuming that the delay may be because of Xmas and new year and possible could be because of other grad schemes or my test didn’t go too well and they are waiting for other candidates to complete their tests.

I have not tried getting in touch as yet as i was thinking of doing that after new year holidays etc.

so waiting and waiting…



I have applied for HR in Scotland. I have my telephone interview on 27th Jan. Has anyone have there’s yet?



I just found out I have a telephone interview on monday.
Am hoping it follows the usual telephone interview pattern?